Our GANNETT high-touch agency had tremendous success with an integrated brand, digital, & direct marketing plan for Roomkey months before the pandemic.

First, we won awards that made a difference for our client because our first goal was conversion – more hotel bookings through their site.

After our first six months, we captured over 10,000 conversions for Roomkey through our integrated content, social, ad & SEO strategy.

a graph showing roomkey versus the six other large travel agency sites and their average position on keyword searches.
Our Search Engine Optimization, content strategy, and integration with social media drove strong traction in Search against the big six. Roomkey directly competed and exceeded many of the top 6. Roomkey ‘owned’ thousands of keywords. Our integrated content, social & SEO strategy made all the difference.

Select Social posts – connected to our integrated content – articles, blogs & videos.

We utilized keyword tools to optimize our keyword strategy. Part of our plan was social organic and small paid campaigns on each article or video we produced. Each ad had with a small budget that drove more traffic and supported keyword optimization growth during our content campaigns’ first months.


Our new client wants to improve their lead generation. The previous agency they used spent tens of thousands of dollars per week for six-month with only a handful of leads to show.

I put together a comprehensive digital lead generation/capture campaign that started with solid market-by-market (local) compelling offers, A/B testing of audiences and offers in each regional market, and social, Search & retargeting campaigns.

Our results were spectacular; after one week, we surpassed 3,000 leads. We had spent under $1/lead, and we reduced the CPL daily.

lead generation
How to run a digital marketing campaign? Run it with strong-compelling offers & best practices in digital marketing!

Culligan Water

We went to one of GANNETT’s local markets and won two large Culligan Water clients. My sales team won the big sale, $1 Million in digital marketing.

I took the same approach with TapOnIt, becoming the critical Account Manager or lead Account Manager this time. I consulted with my team and my client and came up with crucial compelling offers, new landing pages, and digital campaigns that would resonate with the target market. I mentored a Junior Account Manager and developed her into a leadership role on the account.

We migrated them from TV & Radio direct marketing campaigns that weren’t working for them to a complete digital marketing and trackable marketing plan. The President of the client said we had improved his sales by 11% during our first 3-months, and we replicated those results for our entire run with Culligan.

Mint Mobile & Ultra Mobile

Mint Mobile wouldn’t have existed without my boss and I developing the product concept.

Back in late 2014, my boss tasked me with capturing more cash flow for Ultra Mobile quickly due to some contractual obligations with T-Mobile.

We strategized together and came up with two new plans, initially retention plans, but we knew they would be strong acquisition incentives to prepaid wireless companies.

We came up with 12 months of prepaid wireless for $99 or 6 months for $99 – based on two different plans: our $19/month & $29/month Ultra plans.

I tested this concept against a small base of our customers, and we started upgrading our customers to the new plans immediately. It went viral outside of our customer base within days. I had to stop the promotion after only five weeks! We exceeded all our test market expectations, and my first 60-days at Ultra Mobile were a success! Finally, we came up with our product concept for Mint Mobile.

All the original accolades from industry leaders & consumer mags

Joy Cone owns 95% of the ice cream cone market in the US. We launched an influencer campaign in six test markets. In every test market, we grew revenue through micro-influencers. We had a significant improvement in sales.