I’m Greg – Visionary Marketer, Consultant, and Professor

As a marketing & business executive in several industries, including telecommunications, education, publishing, and more, Greg has successfully managed large and small teams at start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. He has led marketing and sales teams at AT&T, Macy’s, GANNETT, LexisNexis, and start-ups like Mint Mobile, AcademicPub, and a few tech companies. Greg finds ways to use traditional, digital, database, loyalty, and product marketing to grow revenue while simultaneously reducing expenses by analyzing marketing and business results.

Greg has experience spanning Brand Management, Customer Relationship Management, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Web Optimization, Social Media, e-Commerce, Retail Marketing, Loyalty, and P&L responsibility. He has led marketing divisions in capturing market share & improved sales.

Greg is also an Adjunct Professor at The Rutgers Business School in New Jersey, where he taught both MBA and undergraduate students about Marketing & Business in the following classes:

  • Business to Business Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management (including Loyalty & Analytics)
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Marketing Channels

Greg has added “huge bumps” to revenue streams through the addition of international markets such as Canada, Australia, and European countries to search engine marketing, digital marketing, direct mail, and integrated marketing campaigns. He has found digital and online marketing is a phenomenal way to reach new markets and exponentially grow a business.

“International marketing grows your business exponentially – try a 10% revenue increase by adding Canada into your business plans.”

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