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founder, Greg Morris provides services as an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer & Digital Transformation expert in B2B, B2C & B2B2C marketing.

Bridge Tower Media

Develop a scalable digital marketing sales strategy for this $10 – $15 million B2B media company. Create a digital transformation strategy for the sales force to relaunch digital marketing after losing their GANNETT digital foundation. Also, Greg worked with sales leadership on a new package of services that combined digital targeting and CRM into an advanced Account-Based Marketing digital package for their sales force.


A sustainability start-up needed a pre-launch strategy for funding. I was tasked with building an initial marketing lead-gen GTM strategy.

Protect Wealth

What Keeps Digital Agency Owners up at Night, and How to Fix It | AdRoll

Adroll Case Study – One of my consulting businesses had a case study with AdRoll

Adroll road: “Webicans embraced the omnichannel, full-funnel digital approach, and were able to decrease its median client CPA by $400, a 90% reduction.