Does mobile marketing work like direct response marketing?  It depends what you put into it.  Mobile Marketing has many components including SMS, email & web.

Short Message Service (SMS) is referred to in everyday circles as a text message.  Normally text messages are 160 characters, but when you send more than that, the message will be split in two messages (or more).

You can quickly tell customers about new features, new prices, new functionality or even market to your customers for up-sells, acquisition, new products or subscriber offers.

SMS messages can be system generated, so the messages can be sent upon certain triggered events or one time messages related to transactions or even marketing messages.

  • Transactional
  • Triggered
  • Marketing

You can test A/B tests such as segmentation, offers, message, call to action, landing pages and even integration with call center, web, email or other channels for taking the sale.