Outbound Marketing

Let’s start with email Marketing.  It is a good marketing channel to grow and retain existing customers.  There are different components of a successful email marketing campaign from open rates, click through and conversions.


Your List

Create valuable content and products that people want to use, and you’ll find that they’ll add them to your list.  Don’t over market to your list, it will cause abuse and spam complaints to your clients’ ISPs.

People should opt-in to your messages.

Contact Strategy

Create customer segments and create a message for each targeted segment.  Create a contact strategy or a plan to ‘touch’ your customers through various marketing campaigns and types (direct mail, outbound calls, voice mails, emails, targeted ads, etc).


You have the right message, the right ‘touch points’, but you also need an offer for your clients.  What’s in it for them?

A professional might convert on an initial ‘white’ paper, while a consumer may respond to a free or reduced priced offer.  Coupons work too, but don’t base your sales on coupons, you’ll price down your revenue.  Work with us on a plan.

Creative / Copy

Most people only focus on the creative and copy, but that is just the tip of the marketing world.  Focus on the lists and offers, those drive behavior more than a nice looking package.


There are different types of email messages including transactional, triggered and marketing emails.

  • Transactional emails relate to the purchase.  A receipt can be a transactional email.  An itinerary can be a transactional email.
  • Triggered emails relate to a contact based on criteria.  Ten days after you purchased a last will from your lawyer, if you send a customer satisfaction survey that is a triggered email.
  • Marketing emails relate to promotional activity.  You can send out a coupon code or a free white paper.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail can be separated into many different types from catalogs, letters, post cards and many other hybrids.

Some people will define direct mail or even email marketing as unsolicited marketing, but it doesn’t have to be.  It should be something that your customer or client expects to receive and even values in their mail box.

Outbound Telemarketing & Voice Mail broadcast services also constitute effective direct marketing opportunities, and if targeted correctly can be a vital part of your marketing campaigns.

Mobile SMS/Texting is another new avenue for marketing to customers, just remember to use opt-in phone numbers and don’t over message or send too many SMS or text messages.