The Creative process starts with the product or service, and the audience.  What does your audience find are the key features and benefits of the product/service?  What does your brand mean to the customer.

I’ve created direct mail pieces for at&t that have replaced the ‘control’ mail pieces while reducing costs and improving response and sales.  At at&t, I created a new retentive offer replacing solicitation checks in the marketplace, improving revenue by $100 Million & reducing annual expense by $50 Million.  I did this with a complete contact strategy & messaging change refined for each customer segment.  Testing many different versions of messaging & offers in direct mail, outbound telemarketing, customer service and Telemarketing channels.

More recently, I created the copy, collateral and website messaging for unique value propositions for EZLaw, LawyerLocator, AcademicPub, Blog2Print and many other consumer and business brands. I’ve created direct marketing and public media campaigns for several start-ups, including one that in my four plus year tenure as their outsourced marketing leader, I improved their results from no sales to $75 Million including managing their entire creative process across all marketing & media.

My teams have created TV commercials and infomercials, Run of Press newspaper, magazine ads, direct mail, email marketing (transactional, triggered, operational & marketing), SMS/Mobile, Social, Search Engine Marketing, on-line advertising, and partnership marketing, as well as event and store display marketing.

Creative advertising is not just about the copy, but the design and positioning with the audience.  And, aligning your product and brand’s message to your audience or core customer segment.